Slot machine test: Sharky

In "Sharky ™" you get it not with a white shark to do, but with pirates, beaches and of course parrots. The Naidoo slot puts you out on the seven seas, where some treasure for which will be hidden. If you're so willing enough to make the arduous journey to you, then this online slot can hold ready the one or the other surprise for that. The slot, for example, in the Star Games Casino can be played. Here you can play rounds of testing or on the whole thing go but with real money.

The slot has everything to offer, what you need for good chances of winning. Whether now enough spins paylines and symbols, or the opportunity to loot. When they first start your treasure chest filling up anyway as almost by itself. A Naidoo game that has successfully made the leap to the Internet.

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Sharky ™ online play

You need

three same motives, if you want to make profit in "Sharky ™". At least most of the time, as is are also exceptions. The pirate takes even only one field to throw off profits. It's a good and pretty sums can arise due to the possibility of multiple line winnings. A number is formed from identical symbols, where the first of them is the first roller. Other motives may not interrupt the series. If you win, but automatically displays the profit fields.

The special symbols and features of the slot, Sharky

"Sharky ™" has some special symbols and features. Firstly, but collecting the series on the line, of which there are exactly nine piece. You can also reduce the number, but it is always advisable to play with all nine lines. Rather, you should screw on your bet, which directly affects your potential profits. A glance in the payout table shows you what can wait on you. Each symbol may appear in a certain row length and holds it per a multiplier.

There is also in "Sharky ™" are a basic stock of symbols that often in a round, but only in long rows, really good profit promise. Here there are as usual letters and numbers. But also can provide pretty sums on more than one payline.

The Sabres are well-off but then something better, however, it is the treasure chest. One might think that this would be the best icon, but it is for example the parrot that twice as much is worth.

The friendly-looking pirate is the wild symbol, with the rows can be added. Also one of the pirate from a field. The exception for the joker is the scatter symbol, which can not be completed. There are two in "Sharky ™", where the compass while counts at any point, but can make the ship with the beach for 10 free spins scatter symbols. While in free spins, there are a few additional symbols that will maximize your chances of winning.

Slot machines instructions by sharky ™

If you want to make a correct output, then must you pay before real money at the online casino. So you everything at once put it, you should adjust your bets all alone. You can make the new before each round. If you use the auto-start mode, will played set used. The auto-start mode, which automatically start each round that can be terminated at any time.

And because winning does not always equal profit, there is even the famous gamble feature. In "Sharky ™", you can try you optionally after winning at cards risk. Simply touch the Red or black and hope. A 50/50 chance will make sure that you double your winnings or lose it but completely. In theory you can double several times. To lose is also very high risk, you should put only limited high profits on the game.

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